Frequently Asked Questions

What is CashBack?

CashBack is a reward given in the form of rebates where a portion of your spending is given back to you after making an online purchase from merchant partners through the EON CashBack website.

How will I get the CashBack?

CashBack amount will be credited directly to your EON account within 60-90 days*.

Where can I find my EON Account Number?

Log-in to the EON Bank PH App to know your account number.

Do I need to wait for an accumulated amount to get the CashBack?

No need to wait for an accumulated amount to get the CashBack. Merchant partners will send the CashBack amount to FindShare once purchase is validated successfully. However, crediting of CashBack directly to your EON account will be at the end of every month.

Do I need to have an EON account to get the CashBack?

Yes. You need an EON account to qualify for CashBack as well as to receive the CashBack amount since it will only be credited directly to your EON account.

I had a problem logging in or clicking the CashBack link provided to go to the product site. What do I do?

If you discover that any of our affiliate links are down or broken, please do not hesitate to contact us at Additionally, some programs that you have installed can update the “Hosts” file of your computer, which may interfere and cause problems with the CashBack program.

Why didn’t I get CashBack?

Your CashBack might not have been tracked due to the following reasons:

  1. You may not have passed through the merchant partner links in the EON CashBack website before proceeding with your order. Unfortunately, we will not be able to track your transaction if you went directly to the merchant partner’s site.
  2. You may not have followed the merchant’s Terms & Conditions when ordering. Please note that every merchant partner store has its unique set of Terms & Conditions.
  3. CashBack takes 60-90 days to be processed and credited to your EON account.
  4. You might have cancelled, returned or exchanged your order. CashBack is only awarded to successful orders .
  5. You have ad blockers or have disabled allowing cookies on your browser.

If none of the above applies to you, please submit a missing CashBack inquiry to

Amount of CashBack received was incorrect. What do I do?

Your CashBack calculation is based on the following factors:

  1. For certain stores, the percentage and/or amount of CashBack awarded is not fixed and is calculated based on different tiers (e.g. different categories of products and new/existing customers).
  2. Check the CashBack tiers for every store on each pop-up page to know the amount of CashBack you will be awarded before ordering.
  3. Note that for Lazada, a click-through must be made for each subsequent order. Subsequent orders with no click-throughs from the EON CashBack site’s links will not be awarded CashBack.

Still unsure? Get intouch with us through

How much CashBack do I get?

The CashBack amount differs per merchant partner. Customers may get between 1-14% CashBack. You may check each merchant’s CashBack tier on each pop-up to know the amount of the CashBack you will receive.

When will the CashBack amount be credited to my EON account?

CashBack takes 60-90 days to be processed and credited to your EON account.

Does CashBack expire?

No. The CashBack amount credited to your EON account is cash, not points, so it does not expire.