EON CashBack Terms & Conditions


The EON CashBack Promo on FindShare (“Promo”) is valid up to December 2020 and open to all active EON Account Holders (“Account Holders”).


  1. Account Holders are entitled up to fourteen percent (14%) CashBack for eligible purchases of goods made at selected FindShare Affiliated Online Merchants. Participating Merchants and offers will be shown on the FindShare website and the CashBack amount may vary depending on the Merchant or during a promotional period.

  2. To be eligible for CashBack , Account Holder must access the Merchant’s website as provided in the FindShare website at https://cashback.eonbankph.com/, and the purchases must be paid through the Account Holder’s EON Account. Direct access to Merchant’s website without accessing the FindShare website or any transactions that did not go through the links provided in the FindShare website shall not qualify for CashBack.

  3. Once the Account Holder is redirected to the Merchant’s website, the terms and conditions of the Merchant on the purchases shall apply. UnionBank shall serve only as a mode of payment for this Promo. For avoidance of doubt, Account Holder understands and agrees that UnionBank does not endorse any products or services on FindShare or Merchant’s linked website and UnionBank neither has responsibility nor liability for the content, use, availability or purchases made through said websites. UnionBank shall not likewise be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from using the FindShare or Merchant’s linked website.

  4. The CashBack earned shall be credited to the Account Holder’s EON Account after three (3) months from the purchase date.

  5. The Account Holder shall be notified via its email of the CashBack earned when the same is credited to the Account Holder’s EON Account. Account Holder understands and agrees that it shall notify the Bank via email at cashback-support@findshare.com of any error or missing CashBack within five (5) banking days from receipt thereof. If no error or missing CashBack is reported, the Account Holder shall be deemed to have accepted the CashBack posted as stated in the email notification. However, this shall not prejudice the right of UnionBank to correct at any time any computation or posting of CashBack which it has deemed to be erroneous. UnionBank reserves the right to withhold or reclaim any CashBack it believes has been obtained fraudulently or illegally.

  6. The CashBack cannot be exchanged for cash.

  7. The CashBack is not transferrable to any other account.

  8. Any disputed, reversed or cancelled transactions will not qualify as an eligible transaction for CashBack.

  9. Any CashBack accrued or crediting for any eligible transaction that is subsequently reversed or cancelled will automatically be deducted from the Account Holder’s EON Account. For this purpose, Account Holder hereby expressly authorizes UnionBank to deduct from its EON Account any reversed CashBack without further notice or consent.

  10. UnionBank reserves the right to change the types of transactions and/or CashBack categories which are eligible for CashBack without prior notice.

  11. UnionBank reserves the right to disqualify and/or reclaim CashBack already awarded to any Account Holder from the benefits of the Promo if any fraudulent activity, abuse or misuse of the Promo, or violation of law or rules and regulations is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Promo.

  12. UnionBank reserves the right to remove or add a participating Merchant without notice. Once a Merchant is removed from the Promo, the CashBack will no longer be payable. Any such changes will take place the day after the date on which they are posted on the website unless otherwise indicated.


  1. Account Holders are ultimately responsible for the tax treatment if any, of CashBack earned and the Bank gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility as to the ultimate treatment of any potential tax on CashBack earned. In the event any CashBack earned should result in an income tax liability to the Account Holder, said income tax liability, if any, shall be shouldered by the Account Holder.

  2. Account Holders shall solely be liable for any tax consequences of/or in connection with their participation in the Promo.


  1. Any dispute concerning the products of the FindShare Affiliated Online Merchants shall be settled directly between the Account Holder and the participating Merchant.

  2. For any concerns regarding the Promo, please email: cashback-support@findshare.com

  3. In case of dispute with respect to Account Holder’s eligibility, coverage date, fulfillment, etc. UnionBank’s decision shall prevail.

  4. UnionBank reserves the right to vary, modify, and amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice and Account Holder agrees to be bound by such variations, modifications and amendments. It is the Account Holder’s responsibility to regularly check the website to ensure that he is aware of any changes before making a purchase.

  5. The issuance and use of the EON Account shall be bound by the EON Relationship Agreement and Terms of Use.